Parramatta is currently one of the most exciting areas of greater Sydney, with significant growth and development underway and emerging and increasing opportunities for business to establish and expand.

The Parramatta Liquor Accord is committed to collaborating with the community, addressing alcohol-related issues and implementing strategies to ensure local licensed venues and the precinct as a whole, remains safe, enjoyable and appealing to our wide and diverse patronage.

A pro-active agreement between groups and individuals who have common objectives, the Accord provides a framework to develop strategies to improve safety and security, reduce alcohol and drug related harm and improve the amenity of the Parramatta area.


Liquor Accords Defined

Liquor accords are voluntary, industry-based partnerships in local communities that work to develop practical solutions to alcohol-related problems. They are directed by Liquor and Gaming NSW, a department of Justice NSW but are independently established and run by the members as an association.

For more information on liquor accords visit Liquor & Gaming NSW

Parramatta Liquor Accord

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The Parramatta Liquor Accord was established in 2002 and constituted in accordance with the Liquor Act 2007. The accord was incorporated as an incorporated association structure in May 2019.

Membership of an accord is voluntary, however, some operators will have ‘membership of an accord’ as a condition of their liquor licence. Thus making membership compulsory.

Members of Parramatta Liquor Accord include hotels, clubs, bottle shops, restaurants, small bars, licensed sporting and entertainment venues, licensed theatres and other licensed venues.

Membership of the Accord is open to all holders of a Hotel Licence, Club Licence, Packaged Liquor Licence, On-Premises Licence, Producer/Wholesaler Licence or Limited Licence, Parramatta City Council, NSW Police, Office of Liquor Gaming & Racing, NSW Department of Health and other stakeholders. Download membership form

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As a guide, the areas covered by the accord are aligned with the Parramatta Local Area Command (police) and Parramatta Local Government precincts, but these boundaries are not definitive. Licensed venues outside these boundaries are welcome to join the accord.

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The accord is an incorporated association and operates under a formal Constitution with an Executive Management Committee elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting.

Under the Constitution, the accord meets 4 times per year, on the first Tuesday of February, May, August and December.

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Executive Management Committee 

President/Chairman: Dan O'Hara, Collector Hotel Parramatta
Vice President: Ross Hay, The Crown Hotel 
Treasurer: Andrew Lauridsen, Toongabbie Sports Club
Public Officer: Sam Issa, Port Bar
Committee: Zac Jones, The Woolpack Hotel
Committee: Michael Bray, Pendle Inn

Parramatta Local Area Command Representative: Acting Sgt Brewer
City of Parramatta Council Representative: Rob Williams, City of Parramatta
All enquiries to Accord Coordinator (non-elected role):

Objects of the Accord

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The objectives of the Parramatta Liquor Accord are to:

  • Build enduring relationships between and encourage participation of the PLA by Licensees, Police, City of Parramatta, Liquor and Gaming NSW, Sydney West Area Health and other stakeholders.
  • Provide a forum of key stakeholders for communication, collaboration and resource development.
  • Reduce alcohol and drug related crime and anti-social behaviour in and around licensed premises.
  • Increase public awareness of RSA.
  • Provide secure and safe environments for the entertainment of patrons.
  • Inform local authorities on matters relevant to the liquor industry when requested.
  • Inform Liquor and Gaming NSW on membership of the PLA.
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Membership of The Accord

Benefits of Accord Membership

Membership of the Accord is open to all holders of a liquor license in the Parramatta and surrounding areas. Membership Categories:

  • Hotels, Clubs and Nightclubs
  • Bottle Shops
  • Restaurants, Small Bars, Venues, Wholesalers and other Licences

Full details on membership fees and downloadable membership form is available on Membership webpage Or Download Here

Being a financial member of a liquor accord provides you with the opportunity to connect and interact directly with authorities and stakeholders that impact on your business.

Consulting with fellow licensees at meetings and through building your local network of contacts, will greatly enhance your resources to grow and improve your own business.

Members of Parramatta Liquor Accord include hotels, clubs, bottle shops, restaurants, small bars, licensed sporting and entertainment venues, licensed theatres and other licensed venues.

Actively participating in your accord, gives you the opportunity to make a positive and direct contribution to your community

For more information, please direct all enquiries to Accord Coordinator