Membership of your local liquor accord gives you the opportunity to make a positive contribution to your community while providing you with essential resources for the operation and management of your business.

Parramatta Liquor Accord welcomes and encourages all license holders in the area to join the accord by completing the membership form.

Members include hotels, clubs, bottle shops, restaurants, small bars, licensed sporting and entertainment venues, licensed theatres, wholesalers and other license holders.

As a guide, the areas covered by the accord are aligned with the Parramatta Local Area Command (police) and Parramatta Local Government precincts, but these boundaries are not definitive. Licensed venues outside these boundaries are welcome to join the accord.
To confirm your eligibility to join Parramatta Liquor Accord, contact: Accord Coordinator 

Benefits of Accord Membership

Accord membership is a really valuable asset to your business operation.

Being a financial member of a liquor accord provides you with the opportunity to connect and interact directly with authorities and stakeholders that impact on your business.

  • Make a positive difference in your local community
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest liquor laws
  • Get access to resources, including information on how to plan, develop, implement, evaluate and promote positive initiatives in your community
  • Network with others in your industry and related fields
  • Enhance your business operations and contribute to a safe and vibrant industry.

Through the meetings, updates and communications you will be advised of important information from police, Liquor and Gaming NSW, council and other stakeholders that may effect your business.

Consulting with fellow licensees at meetings and through building your local network of contacts, will greatly enhance your resources to grow and improve your own business.

Actively participating in your accord, gives you the opportunity to make a positive and direct contribution to your community.


Classes of Membership and Fees

Membership Period is 01 November – 31 October
Partial Pro Rata rates come into effect 1 July


Fees are per annum with partial pro rata available from 01 July - 31 October 

Hotels and Clubs $ 500 annual 

Large Sporting and Entertainment Venues $500 annual

Restaurants, Small Bars, other smaller venues $150 annual

Bottle Shops $150 annual

Wholesalers and Producers $150 annual

Becoming a Member

  • Download the membership form
  • Complete the form as per instructions on the form
  • Make payment by EFT
  • Email completed form to Accord Coordinator
  • Your membership will be confirmed via email from the Accord Coordinator with an invoice/receipt
  • An invoice to renew membership will be sent to you